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About Me

Hey! My name is Jamisa. I am a graphic artist/designer currently based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. I work mostly in print and social media design. My career so far has consisted of a mixture of branding work and advertising jobs. I'm hoping to further my branding design journey or fully move into advertising work for the entertainment industry. I started in traditional art and found out what graphic design was in high school. Once I realized that I could make art into a job, I made it my mission to make that a reality. I am inspired by artists such as Alex Trochut, J Kugler, and Art Sims to name a few. I am constantly researching and learning new things to incorporate into my art to elevate it. As a self-proclaimed MacGyver-ess who loves to create, I can make anything out of nothing. If you are intrigued, send me an email. Let's do business!

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